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The Waray-Waray Project

About Us
Envisioned at the 1992 National Missionary Convention, the Waray-Waray Project was begun to assist Filipino nationals in evangelizing the largest "unreached people group" in the Philippines, the Waray-Waray tribal group.
The Waray-Waray are subsistence farmers and fishermen, a culture which gathers today's food today.  They live in the most economically undeveloped area in the Philippines, the islands of Samar and Leyte.
The Waray-Waray Project was established to assist native evangelists and church workers in planting churches and evangelizing their own people.  We have helped with seminary education, leadership training seminars, radio broadcasts, transportation, chapel construction and every encouragement we can give.
The Directors in the United States are Gordon Clymer, Keith Cokely and Dan Snider.  Our missionary advisors include Eldon Potts, Stephen Hong, and Roger Fletcher.
"Waray-Waray" means "Nothing-Nothing".
The Waray-Waray are the "Nothing-Nothing" people. But to Christ they are much more than nothing-nothing.