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The Waray-Waray Project History

Before 1987 there existed only one congregation of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Samar.  Out of that congregation came two brothers who had a vision of church planting and evangelism.  Eppie and Margarito Gerez began the work by planting a church at Catarman, and the work grew from there.
The Waray-Waray Project was formed in 1992 to assist the work that had already begun; at that time three churches had been planted.  Since that time several more churches have been planted in Northern Samar, making a total of 12 churches at the present time.
In 2004 Rani & Evangeline Romero moved to Eastern Samar to begin new church pioneering there.  Joined by Rani's brother Roberto in 2007, they have planted three churches as well as a campus ministry in Borongan, E Samar.  The Romeros remain excited about the work and dedicated to their ministry of evangelism, constantly making plans to open new fields for Bible studies and new churches.
Hardship has not spared the workers nor the work.  Some workers have died in their labors, others have faced much hardship.  A September 2006 typhoon destroyed more than 50 homes of church members and four chapels, but these were rebuilt with help from IDES and The Waray-Waray Project.
Since the beginning of The Waray-Waray Project we have had three of our evangelists die, and at least two church members murdered by forces hostile to the gospel of Christ.  Our two lead evangelists are both suffering health problems, and are currently undergoing treatment.  Yet the work goes on because of the dedication of self-sacrificing servants of the Lord.